Thursday, August 13, 2009

What I got Free and Cheap this week

I don't have all of my receipts in front of me, but here's the rundown of some of my free/cheap deals.

Printed $5 off $25 purchase from the CVS website, which I used.
PLUS they will give you a coupon book at the CVS pharmacy if you ask about autofill - it has $4 off $20 purchase coupons. Get one. Get several. They're good for 2 months!

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse $9.99
-$1 Revlon coupon
get $9.99 extra bucks (limit 1 per CVS card - 3 day sale ended on Tuesday)
=Earned a buck! (x2)
**Bethann and I each have a our own card for double the free-ness

Free CVS AA batteries with a free item coupon that printed out last purchase (~$4 value)
Free CVS mouthwash with a free item coupon that printed out last purchase (~$3 value)

Cashed in Rain Checks for free after extra bucks school supplies from previous weeks' deals:
-2 pair scissors
-2 packs pens
-2 packs post-its
-2 protractors
-2 boxes of pencils

$13 for 4 12-packs of Coke
-$3 extra bucks back
-$5 off $25 CVS coupon, when I bought the other "free" stuff with it.
=$5 spent on the whole mess of stuff


$5 off $50 coupon on the flier this week - you can print one from the Staples website's circular

Then get:

Free after the easy rebate (limit 1 of each):
-label maker ($15)
-electric pencil sharpener($10)
-pack of highlighters ($4)

Plus you can get two packs of printer paper for $4.99 - $3.99 rebate = $1

Plus six one-subject notebooks for a penny each!

That's $2.06 for $39.00 of stuff, after rebates.
I bought another $11 of sale stuff to go just over $50 and used the $5 coupon from the ad. Essentially, saved 50% off the sale price of the extra stuff, whisch was already marked down.
Staples has some good stuff in their clearance section sometimes, too - 90% off the regular price on occasion.
(you have to remember to do the rebate online - it's quick, though - and no stamp is needed.)


I made money at Shaw's this week. They have a great deal when you buy $25 in participating Kraft foods (including Digiorno Pizza and California Pizza kitchen, not just the Kraft brand)
Buy $25 worth BEFORE COUPONS and get a $5 printout to use at Shaw's on our next order, PLUS a form to mail in for a $20 cash rebate from Kraft. I had buy-1-get-1 coupons for crackers, so I bought $20 in crackers and a $6 pizza, which cost $15 after coupons.
After rebate = $10 profit!
I think this deal is running another week - and a new one is starting up tomorrow. Check the Wicked Cool Deals website for details.

Also, back during the Biggest Loser season they had a short window where you could sign up for a $5 coupon off any Jennie-O product. I found their turkey hams, the smallest of which was just over $5 - got it for pennies. I used another coupon over at Price Chopper to get a ginormous pack of turkey hot dogs free, which was on sale for $4.99.


Ecotrin is on sale for $1.99 - there are $2.25 printable coupons that make it free.

I think there is some toothpaste that spits out register rewards for the full price when you buy it. It was out of stock, and I didn't bother 'cause I'm up to my eyeballs in free or better than free toothpaste. Time to make another donation soon!

Rite Aid

There is a $5 off $25 printable coupon online somewhere, plus you can watch lots of video commercials on the Rite Aid website and get a $5 off $20 coupon that way.
I added this to all the rebate stuff I bought to make the deal even sweeter.

Scotch Pop-up tape dispenser = Free after $2.49 rebate
-$2 off coupon
=profit 2 bucks!

Profoot shoe insoles sale 3 for $15
- three $2 off coupons
- $10 rebate when you buy 3
=$1 profit

GE fluorescent bulbs sale 2/$5
- two $1 off coupons
-$2 rebate
=spend $1 to get 2 bulbs

Free Chocolate Friday coupon for a free candy bar

2 Kotex pantiliners (Not for me) sale $1
-2 $1 coupon

2 Carefree pantiliners (Again, Not for me) sale $1
-2 $1 coupon

Clear Eyes $.99
-$1 coupon

Used $5 off coupon to make the deal even better, and put the balance on one of the two FREE $25 gift cards we got for switching our prescriptions over to Rite Aid. So, pretty much earning more money off of the already-free gift cards, and the rebates turn it into cash.

I think that's all I got this week. Check for new sales starting on Sunday for more free stuff!

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