Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back to School deals are here already!

Yep, it's that time of year again - stores are starting to have free / cheap school supplies, and I am stocking up.

This week, CVS has a few things free after the extra care bucks you get back.
Sunday through Tuesday only, you can get (limit one per CVS card) package of 10 PaperMate Pens and one pair of Caliber brand kids' scissors for $0.99 and get the full price back in CVS credit in Extra Care Bucks.

CVS also has some other school supplies on sale.
They're nothing amazing - you will see better deals before school starts up again, but here they are:
2 Pocket Portfolios, 10/$10
Caliber One Subject Notebook, 2/$1
Pencil Sharpeners, 2/$1
Pen/Ink Erasers, 2/$1

There are a bunch of free drugstore things at CVS this week as well - John Frieda, Neutrogena Clinical (make $5 after a printable coupon and mail $35 mail-in rebate), and other stuff. Get details here or here .

Walgreens has some school supply deals, as well. Nothing free, though they have mini highlighters for 9 cents.

Novelty Pencil or Mini Highlighter $0.09 (w/ in-ad coupon)
2 Pocket Folder with prongs, 8/$1 (w/ in-ad coupon)
Paper Mate Write Bros. Mechanical Pencils (10 pk.), $0.39 (w/ in-ad coupon)
Flexible Ruler or Pencil or Pencil/Crayon Sharpen, $0.29 (w/ in-ad coupon)
Legal Pads (50 sheet) $0.29 (w/ in-ad coupon)
Mead Envelopes (40-100 pk.) $0.69 (w/ in-ad coupon)
White Index Cards (100 pk.) or Colored (70 pk.) $0.39 (w/ in-ad coupon)
Crayola Posterboard (22x28 in.) 3/$1

Penway Notebooks (Comp or 3-subject) $0.79
Papermate 4-pack or Uniball 2-pack Retractable Pens 2/$3
Expo Dry Erase Markers $1.99
Crayola Markers or BICMechanical Pencils (5pk) $0.99
----Use BIC pencils coupon $.50 off - print here
130 sheet Filler Paper 2/$1
24 pk Yellow Pencils (24 pk.) or 5pk Mechanical w/Grip $0.79
Sharpie Fine Point Markers (12 pk.) $3.99
Mead Poly Notebooks
-1 Sub (90 sheet) $1.99 ($0.99 after coupon)
-3 Sub (138 sheet) $2.99
-5 Sub (180 sheet) $3.99
USE COUPON in Walgreens pamphlet in store: $1/1 Mead 1,3 or 5 Subject Notebook-
24pk Penway Crayons, 12pk colored pencils, 8pk jumbo crayons , $0.49
Fiskars Scissors $0.99
Elmers School Glue (4 oz.) or Jumbo Glue Stick (.77 oz.), $0.99
Buy one Get one Free School Bags, 2/$9.99
--Hi Trails Backpacks
--Urban Sport Duffel Bags
--Overland Messenger Bags
--Book Totes

Rite Aid doesn't seem to have any school supply deals this week.

Staples has a set of 25% off school supply coupons and a $5 off $30 purchase coupon in this week's ad. You can print them HERE . And then you get Staples Teacher Rewards back every quarter with your little card. Best coupon is for the TI graphing calculators, because those things aren't cheap.

Stuff for a PENNY! thru 7/14 - you can keep going back for these. Limit is per purchase.
*2-Pocket Folder w/ Fasteners (Limit 10)
*8-pk. #2 Yellow Pencils (Limit 2)

Staples Photo Paper (50 pk.), $14.99
$13.99 Staples Easy Rebate (through 7/17)
$1 after rebate!

Staples Multipurpose Paper, $4.99
$4.98 Staples Easy Rebate (through 7/14)
$0.01 after rebate!

$1 Deals
Limit 2 each
*BIC Atlantis Ballpoint Pens (4 pk.)
*Post-It Novelty Shaped Notes (2 pk.)
*Quartet Dry Erase Board (8.5×11)
*Staples Mini Stapler
*Staples Pull & Seal #10 Envelopes (25 pk.)
*Staples Translucent Pencil BoxWestcott Pointed Scissors (5 in.)
*Rose Art Colored Pencils (15 pk.)
*Staples Glue Sticks (4 pk.)
*Staples Hype! Grip Highlighters (6 pk.)
*Scotch Magic Tape (3 pk.)
*Staples Mini Stapler
*Staples Pull & Seal #10 Envelopes (25 pk.)
*Staples Translucent Pencil BoxWestcott Pointed Scissors (5 in.)

Office Depot
Office Depot has a $10 off $25 purchase coupon printable HERE

Swingline LightTouch Reduced Effort Stapler
$2 instant savings
$13.99 mail-in-rebate
(Limit 1)
FREE after Instant Savings and Rebate

12Pk Mr. Sketch Markers
Get $7.99 Visa Prepaid card by mail
(Limit 1)
FREE after Visa card

Ream of Office Depot Paper
Get $5.29 Visa card
(Limit 2)
$1 after Visa card

Wilson Jones 1″ Binders
$3.99 (
$2.99 Instant Savings
(Limit 3)
$1 after Instant Savings

25Pk Office Depot Heavyweight Sheet Protectors 25-pack
$6.59 Visa card back by mail
(Limit 3)
$1 after Visa Card

Pentel Quicker Clicker Mechanical Pencils 2Pk
$6.49 Visa card back by mail
(Limit 3)
$1 after Visa Card

Buy $25 worth, use the coupon, and you can make a profit on this deal, after the rebate.

Rose Art Products
--Rose Art Glue Sticks (2 ct.), $0.20
--Rose Art Markers or Colored Pencils (10-12 ct.), $0.50
other Rose Art products also on sale

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What would you do for 12 free Klondike bars?

Made out with a $5.55 on a quick trip to Shaw's
Spent $9.45 out of pocket and gained $15 in Shaw's credit.

Brought home FREE:
1 Progresso Broth
2 cookie mix pouches
3 boxed sweet potato
4 boxes of Cheerios
4 packages of Klondike Bars
3 boxes Pilsbury Savorings
4 boxes brownie mix
1 jar of cake frosting
1 sack flour

All the coupons I used today were PRINTABLE from the internet. Thursday is the last day of the sale - print out your own coupons and get yourself some deals! Details at Wicked Cool Deals: There are links to a bunch of coupons right on the page.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shaws pays me to take groceries, again!

Finished round 1 of the Shaws catalina deals this week. Buy $30 worth (pre-sale price) and get $15 back in Shaws credit. Even better- they break it into three $5 coupons for you!

I made six catalina transactions of just over $30 each, spending a total of $25.22 out of pocket and walking out with $40.00 in left-over coupons.
That's a $14.78 PROFIT, plus around $190 in free groceries. I probably could have switched items between orders to bring the pre-sale totals a little closer to $30 and also put the lowest out-of pocket order first, since I had no reward coupons to use on that one and had to pay cash. But frankly, that would be too much math and I still made a profit. As long as the sale price minus coupons brought the total below $15 for each transaction and still hit the $30 pre-sale total, I knew I made a profit on each one.

No photo of this one, but here's what I got:

6 Breyers Ice Cream
5 Yoplait delights yogurt packs
13 Progresso broth
2 Betty Crocker frosting
8 Cookie mix pouches
14 Boxes of cereal (Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Golden Grahams)
6 Boxes Kleenex
10 Toaster Streudel
1 Pillsbury Savorings

Not a bad trip. Will make at least one more haul to get crescent rolls, more Savorings, Flour, and some other good stuff.

They were out of stock on the best deal - single rolls of Scott paper towel were marked down more than 50% in the sale. Sale price is 99 cents. Regular price was like $2.29, maybe. Even without a coupon, this would be a money maker. Buy 13 or 14 rolls (however many it takes to get over $30 - bring a calculator or be a math nerd) - spend under $15 before coupons and get $15 back. Hopefully they will replenish stock at one of the two stores near me before Thursday!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Profit @ Walgreens, Shaws Catalina starts Friday

This week, there are two EASY moneymakers on Almay cosmetics at Walgreens.

All Almay cosmetics are ringing up Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, even though the sale tags say buy one get one 50% off.
DEAL #1: ON TOP of this sale, you can get a store coupon in the NOVEMBER SAVINGS COUPON BOOKLET right in the store for $4 off Almay One Coat Mascara. It sells for $7.49, so you buy 2 for $7.49 and use the coupon to get $4 off EACH ONE, making it free plus overage. They won't give you cash back, so you have to buy another item to suck up the overage. I bought a dozen eggs for $1.39. Best thing is that this deal doesn't use register rewards, so you can get a bunch all in one transaction and you don't have to pay out of pocket and then send your register rewards later.
DEAL #2:Buy one Almay Pure Blends Foundations at $9.99 AND an Almay Pure Blends Shadow, Lip Gloss, or Mascara that costs less than $9.99 (you get that one free.)- no coupons needed.
You Pay $9.99 out of pocket, but it spits out a $10 and a $5 register reward... so you are making $5 on the deal. It's a nice deal, and the products are handy.
**REMEMBER: you can't roll the register rewards from this deal into another transaction for the dame deal. If you do, the $15 in rewards will not print out. You have to buy something else with it. But don't forget to use them before they expire!
Check out other Walgreens deals you can get with those rewards at Deal Seeking Mom's Post.


If you live near a SHAWS, there's a great catalina deal starting Friday very similar to the one from last week. I got close to $800 in free groceries last time, and I think this deal is EVEN BETTER. This time, you buy $30 (regular price) worth of select groceries and get $15 back - basically 50% value back. Last time it was $25/10, or 40% back. Shame I used so many of the good coupons last time...

Rather than list the details here, I'll direct you to the Wicked Cool Deals Post on the sale that has them with printable coupon matchups. Print those coupons, remember to bring your calculator to the store and count just over $30 of REGULAR prices, even if it's on sale. That's the value that generates the $15 coupon. You will have some serious moneymaking opportunities on this one for SURE.
Best deal I see is Old El Paso shells or refried beans for $0.99, with $1 coupons available. Not sure of the regular price, but if you print enough coupons you can get $30 worth of shells/beans FREE before the coupons and then still get the $15 voucher back. You can often only print 2 coupons per computer, though.

And remember that Thanksgiving is coming up - lots of churches and food pantries are collecting for the holidays, so even if you don't NEED $30 worth of cookie mix or froze veggies... if you can get them for free or better and then donate them, it could make a huge difference for families in your area.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Diaper Deal this week at Rite-Aid

I'm not hitting many big deals this week after the ridiculousness of last week's grocery shopping, but for those of you who have babies in diapers, there's a pretty good deal available this week on the Huggies Pure and Natural diapers at Rite Aid.
I like these disposable diapers because they work well and are organic cottony, not all plastic. The down side is that you get far fewer per package than the regular Huggies or store brand. So, if you prefer the regular Huggies, you can do the same deal with those. The coupons just aren't as good, so you pay a little more but get more diapers.

Here's the Deal:
Huggies Diapers on sale for $9.99

1) Buy 2 packages of them, plus some little thing to bump the total just over $20 (popcorn balls are 33 cents)
2) Use $4 off $20 purchase printable Rite-Aid coupon. USE FIRST or it won't work!
3) Use 2 $3 off printable Huggies Pure and Natural coupons (or $1.50 off regular Huggies)
4) Submit for $3 Huggies Rebate on one package from Rite Aid with your receipt

End up paying only ~$7.00 for 2 packs of quality diapers after the rebate.

You can find the printable coupons HERE. My zipcode (03431) gives you the $4/$20 coupons, which you can print TWICE per computer. If you use 90210 for the zip code you can also print some $3 off $15 purchase coupons. You have to click through a few pages of coupons to find them sometimes.

Both the $1.50 and $3 Huggies coupons are on the same site.

You can only do the rebate once per address, but if you do it online you can save a stamp.

There's also a $5/25 PDF coupon HERE in case you can't print the ones from the coupon site I linked.

Hope this is helpful.

Good Diaper Deal this week at Rite-Aid

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scored another $280 in groceries today - FREE(ish)!

Couldn't resist the last day of this Shaws Catalina Deal (below). Not with a big stack of unused coupons still kicking around and a couple hours free this afternoon!

I spent a lot less out of pocket today and made a profit on several transactions. Best deals were on Total cereal, which was already marked down from $4.99 to $2 a box, minus some $1/box coupons... so I got 5 boxes for $5, then got $10 printout back for a $5 profit!
I also took advantage of the refrigerated cookie dough deal, which printed out a $10 coupon plus another $4 coupon each time. With the sale and coupons, I made a small profit on these as well.
Counting all the transactions, I spent about $22 out of pocket and left with $20 in printout coupons in hand PLUS a survey for that will earn me another $2 credit. So, I more or less broke even money-wise, and we now have almost enough cookie dough in the refrigerator to make a fresh batch almost every single day for the rest of the year.

Here's what I got today:

11 Boxes Total Whole Grain cereal
2 Boxes Cascadian Farm organic granola cereal
15 Betty Crocker Warm Delight brownie bowl
1 Box Fiber One cereal
2 Boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
26 Pillsbury Refrigerated cookie dough
2 Pillsbury pie crust
14 Boxes Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes
---and some non-catalina deal stuff that was just really cheap after coupons----
8 Bottles of Snapple
4 Bottles V8 Fusion
1 Jennie-O Turkey Roast
4 YoBaby yogurt meal cups
1 Obligatory Milk Jug

Anybody want some cookie dough?