Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What would you do for 12 free Klondike bars?

Made out with a $5.55 on a quick trip to Shaw's
Spent $9.45 out of pocket and gained $15 in Shaw's credit.

Brought home FREE:
1 Progresso Broth
2 cookie mix pouches
3 boxed sweet potato
4 boxes of Cheerios
4 packages of Klondike Bars
3 boxes Pilsbury Savorings
4 boxes brownie mix
1 jar of cake frosting
1 sack flour

All the coupons I used today were PRINTABLE from the internet. Thursday is the last day of the sale - print out your own coupons and get yourself some deals! Details at Wicked Cool Deals: There are links to a bunch of coupons right on the page.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shaws pays me to take groceries, again!

Finished round 1 of the Shaws catalina deals this week. Buy $30 worth (pre-sale price) and get $15 back in Shaws credit. Even better- they break it into three $5 coupons for you!

I made six catalina transactions of just over $30 each, spending a total of $25.22 out of pocket and walking out with $40.00 in left-over coupons.
That's a $14.78 PROFIT, plus around $190 in free groceries. I probably could have switched items between orders to bring the pre-sale totals a little closer to $30 and also put the lowest out-of pocket order first, since I had no reward coupons to use on that one and had to pay cash. But frankly, that would be too much math and I still made a profit. As long as the sale price minus coupons brought the total below $15 for each transaction and still hit the $30 pre-sale total, I knew I made a profit on each one.

No photo of this one, but here's what I got:

6 Breyers Ice Cream
5 Yoplait delights yogurt packs
13 Progresso broth
2 Betty Crocker frosting
8 Cookie mix pouches
14 Boxes of cereal (Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Golden Grahams)
6 Boxes Kleenex
10 Toaster Streudel
1 Pillsbury Savorings

Not a bad trip. Will make at least one more haul to get crescent rolls, more Savorings, Flour, and some other good stuff.

They were out of stock on the best deal - single rolls of Scott paper towel were marked down more than 50% in the sale. Sale price is 99 cents. Regular price was like $2.29, maybe. Even without a coupon, this would be a money maker. Buy 13 or 14 rolls (however many it takes to get over $30 - bring a calculator or be a math nerd) - spend under $15 before coupons and get $15 back. Hopefully they will replenish stock at one of the two stores near me before Thursday!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Profit @ Walgreens, Shaws Catalina starts Friday

This week, there are two EASY moneymakers on Almay cosmetics at Walgreens.

All Almay cosmetics are ringing up Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, even though the sale tags say buy one get one 50% off.
DEAL #1: ON TOP of this sale, you can get a store coupon in the NOVEMBER SAVINGS COUPON BOOKLET right in the store for $4 off Almay One Coat Mascara. It sells for $7.49, so you buy 2 for $7.49 and use the coupon to get $4 off EACH ONE, making it free plus overage. They won't give you cash back, so you have to buy another item to suck up the overage. I bought a dozen eggs for $1.39. Best thing is that this deal doesn't use register rewards, so you can get a bunch all in one transaction and you don't have to pay out of pocket and then send your register rewards later.
DEAL #2:Buy one Almay Pure Blends Foundations at $9.99 AND an Almay Pure Blends Shadow, Lip Gloss, or Mascara that costs less than $9.99 (you get that one free.)- no coupons needed.
You Pay $9.99 out of pocket, but it spits out a $10 and a $5 register reward... so you are making $5 on the deal. It's a nice deal, and the products are handy.
**REMEMBER: you can't roll the register rewards from this deal into another transaction for the dame deal. If you do, the $15 in rewards will not print out. You have to buy something else with it. But don't forget to use them before they expire!
Check out other Walgreens deals you can get with those rewards at Deal Seeking Mom's Post.


If you live near a SHAWS, there's a great catalina deal starting Friday very similar to the one from last week. I got close to $800 in free groceries last time, and I think this deal is EVEN BETTER. This time, you buy $30 (regular price) worth of select groceries and get $15 back - basically 50% value back. Last time it was $25/10, or 40% back. Shame I used so many of the good coupons last time...

Rather than list the details here, I'll direct you to the Wicked Cool Deals Post on the sale that has them with printable coupon matchups. Print those coupons, remember to bring your calculator to the store and count just over $30 of REGULAR prices, even if it's on sale. That's the value that generates the $15 coupon. You will have some serious moneymaking opportunities on this one for SURE.
Best deal I see is Old El Paso shells or refried beans for $0.99, with $1 coupons available. Not sure of the regular price, but if you print enough coupons you can get $30 worth of shells/beans FREE before the coupons and then still get the $15 voucher back. You can often only print 2 coupons per computer, though.

And remember that Thanksgiving is coming up - lots of churches and food pantries are collecting for the holidays, so even if you don't NEED $30 worth of cookie mix or froze veggies... if you can get them for free or better and then donate them, it could make a huge difference for families in your area.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Diaper Deal this week at Rite-Aid

I'm not hitting many big deals this week after the ridiculousness of last week's grocery shopping, but for those of you who have babies in diapers, there's a pretty good deal available this week on the Huggies Pure and Natural diapers at Rite Aid.
I like these disposable diapers because they work well and are organic cottony, not all plastic. The down side is that you get far fewer per package than the regular Huggies or store brand. So, if you prefer the regular Huggies, you can do the same deal with those. The coupons just aren't as good, so you pay a little more but get more diapers.

Here's the Deal:
Huggies Diapers on sale for $9.99

1) Buy 2 packages of them, plus some little thing to bump the total just over $20 (popcorn balls are 33 cents)
2) Use $4 off $20 purchase printable Rite-Aid coupon. USE FIRST or it won't work!
3) Use 2 $3 off printable Huggies Pure and Natural coupons (or $1.50 off regular Huggies)
4) Submit for $3 Huggies Rebate on one package from Rite Aid with your receipt

End up paying only ~$7.00 for 2 packs of quality diapers after the rebate.

You can find the printable coupons HERE. My zipcode (03431) gives you the $4/$20 coupons, which you can print TWICE per computer. If you use 90210 for the zip code you can also print some $3 off $15 purchase coupons. You have to click through a few pages of coupons to find them sometimes.

Both the $1.50 and $3 Huggies coupons are on the same site.

You can only do the rebate once per address, but if you do it online you can save a stamp.

There's also a $5/25 PDF coupon HERE in case you can't print the ones from the coupon site I linked.

Hope this is helpful.

Good Diaper Deal this week at Rite-Aid

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scored another $280 in groceries today - FREE(ish)!

Couldn't resist the last day of this Shaws Catalina Deal (below). Not with a big stack of unused coupons still kicking around and a couple hours free this afternoon!

I spent a lot less out of pocket today and made a profit on several transactions. Best deals were on Total cereal, which was already marked down from $4.99 to $2 a box, minus some $1/box coupons... so I got 5 boxes for $5, then got $10 printout back for a $5 profit!
I also took advantage of the refrigerated cookie dough deal, which printed out a $10 coupon plus another $4 coupon each time. With the sale and coupons, I made a small profit on these as well.
Counting all the transactions, I spent about $22 out of pocket and left with $20 in printout coupons in hand PLUS a survey for that will earn me another $2 credit. So, I more or less broke even money-wise, and we now have almost enough cookie dough in the refrigerator to make a fresh batch almost every single day for the rest of the year.

Here's what I got today:

11 Boxes Total Whole Grain cereal
2 Boxes Cascadian Farm organic granola cereal
15 Betty Crocker Warm Delight brownie bowl
1 Box Fiber One cereal
2 Boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
26 Pillsbury Refrigerated cookie dough
2 Pillsbury pie crust
14 Boxes Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes
---and some non-catalina deal stuff that was just really cheap after coupons----
8 Bottles of Snapple
4 Bottles V8 Fusion
1 Jennie-O Turkey Roast
4 YoBaby yogurt meal cups
1 Obligatory Milk Jug

Anybody want some cookie dough?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saved ~80% by Rolling Catalina Deals at Shaws

Tonight was a pretty exciting shopping night at Shaws. After missing out on Sunday newspapers for several weeks recently, I bought some coupon inserts online just for this deal. I've never bought them online before - they just arrived in the mail today.
I cut out all of the good Big G coupons and headed to Shaws twice tonight.

There's a Catalina deal running through 10/22 on certain Big G products. If you buy $25 worth of those products, a $10 coupon prints out that you can use on your next purchase. I went at night, when the store was dead and I could hog the registers, and I did ten transactions back to back each time, using the coupon from one to pay for the next one.

The great thing about catalina deals is they usually go by the regular (Pre-sale) price to generate the coupon that prints out. Since most of the items were on sale for (on average) about 20% off - you only had to spend about $20 to get the $10 coupon.
Armed with a ream of duplicate coupons for those sale items, I got an additional chunk off. The other great thing about Shaws is that they double coupons up to 99 cents... so I used all the "50 cents off 1" coupons before going for the "$1 off 2" versions. I don't know the exact total, but the regular price of everything I brought home was probably around $520 and I spent $31 the first trip and about $45 the second trip, plus have an unused $10 coupon from the 20th transaction. I may go back tomorrow for one or two more transactions, but I'm mostly done.

So here's what I got for my $65:

20 cans of Progresso soup
16 Microwaveable tubs of Progresso soup
40 bags of Chex Mix (8 oz) -all different flavors
15 Betty Crocker Warming Delights Brownie Bowls
10 Pouches of Betty Crocker cookie mix
26 Bags of Green Giant Steamer frozen vegetables
21 Boxes of Pilsbury Savorings frozen pastries
4 six-packs of Yo Kids yogurt
2 Pilsbury pie crusts
12 boxes Nature Valley Granola bars
9 Fruit Gushers snacks (Printed out an ADDITIONAL $3.50 coupon with the $10)
6 Pillsbury refrigerated ready-bake cookie dough (Printed out ADDITIONAL $4 coupon)

Somehow, we got all the frozen stuff into the little freezer. Removing boxes from things that are bagged inside helped a lot. That, along with removing a turkey that we're going to cook this weekend.

There's a new $5/$15 catalina deal on some Heinz products (Weight Watchers, Ore Ida, etc) starting Friday. Some details over at Wicked Cool Deals if you're interested.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diapers, Wipes, etc. $11 PROFIT after rebates!

Nice quick moneymaking trip to Rite Aid today!

They have a $10 rebate this week when you buy 3 packs of Huggies.
I bought 3 packs of the Huggies Pure&Natural diapers for $11 each on sale.
-$5 off $25 purchase coupon
-$11 coupon (one free pack) from previous Rite Aid rebate -came in the mail yesterday
-2x $3 Huggies Mfr coupons
-2x $2 Rite Aid Huggies coupons earned from watching ad clips on their website
-$10 Rebate
= PROFIT $3 after rebate!

(I think this qualifies for a $.75/pack rebate from Caregivers Marketplace, too.)
*Even if you don't have the free pack of Huggies coupon, you can get all the others and pay next to nothing for 3 packs.

THEN I got:

4 Tubs of Huggies Wipes at $2.50 each
1 Package of Mounds snack size for $1 (Hey, I was hungry!)
1 Bottle of Proantiox something or other $6.99 (what is it??, good PROFIT!)
2 Bottles Clean & Clear face wash for $9
-$5 off $20 purchase coupon from watching ads on RiteAid website
-2x $3 Clean & Clear Rite Aid coupons from watching ads
-2x $2 Clean & Clear printable coupons
-$3 Proantiox Rite Aid coupon from watching ads
-4x $2 off Huggies product printable coupons!
-$1 Huggies wipes rebate
-$7 Proantiox rebate
=$7.01 PROFIT after rebates (would have been $8 without the Mounds bars!)

Rite Aid is also running their Gift of Savings program concurrently! When you register your purchases online for rebates, you also can earn up to $20 back if you spend over $100 (before coupons, I think) before October 17!

So even though I spent only $7.99 out of pocket today, I think my purchases will give me $33 and $26.99 toward the program, which earns me another $10 (for spending $51 to $100)!

Gotta love it!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

All This FREE, Plus $6 Profit

Hauled ALL THIS in today from Rite-Aid, CVS, and Walgreens, along with $6 total profit after rebates! I managed to net a small profit at each store making these purhases. Using gift cards and reward coupons I already had, I think I spent less than 5 dollars out of pocket, too!
ALL THIS, and a $6 profit today!
Bought 2x Dyna Pep Energy Micro-Shot (2-pk.), $4.99
-$4.99 Extra Bucks for each(limit 2)


Bought 2 bottles of Listerine, $3.99
-$2 Extra Bucks for each(limit 3)
-2x $2 off coupons

Bought $8 worth of newspapers
-$5 off $25 coupon
-$5 Extra bucks I got for answering a CVS survey (not from a purchase)

PROFIT - ~$2

Walgreens - 4 Transactions, ~$2 PROFIT
Because of the one coupon per item rule and the inability to use register reward coupons to buy the same product and get more register rewards, I had to do 4 transactions to get all of this stuff. I also padded my order with some clearance candy bars, not only so I could use more coupons but also because candy bars are yummy.
**Transaction #1
Trident "Layers" Gum 2 for $2
-$1 off 2 coupon
-$1 register reward
2x Boxes of Band Aids @ $2.49 each
-2x $1 coupons
-$3 Register reward when you buy 2
True North Crackers $3
-$1 coupon
-$3 Register Reward
Carefree Pantiliners $1.99
-$1 coupon
-$1.99 register reward

+2x $.37 clearance chocolate bars
+2x $.22 clearance chocolate bars

**Transaction #2
Murine Earwax Removal Kit $6 (turns 3 Transaction $1 rewards into one $6 reward.)
-6 Register rewards
+2x $.22 chocolate bars (to use 3 register reward slips)
Total cost = $0.44

**Transaction #3
Trident "Layers" Gum 2 for $2
-$1 off 2 coupon
-$1 register reward
2x Boxes of Band Aids @ $2.49 each
-2x $1 coupons
-$3 Register reward when you buy 2
True North Crackers $3
-$1 coupon
-$3 Register Reward
Carefree Pantiliners $1.99
-$1 coupon
-$1.99 register reward
+$0.37 clearance chocolate bar
+$0.22 clearance chocolate bar

PROFIT = $1.41

Transaction #4
True North Crackers $3
-$1 coupon
-$3 Register Reward

+2x $.37 clearance chocolate bars
PROFIT = $0.26

Rite Aid - 2 Transactions, ~$2 PROFIT!
Did 2 transactions to use two $5/$25 printable coupons. Spent NO cash, since I'm still using $25 gift cards from transferring prescriptions a few months ago. Turning them into CASH by scoring rebate deals.
**Transaction #1
10x $2.99 Johnson& Johnson Baby wash/shampoo/baby oil bottles on sale (Total $29.90)
-$5/25 Rite Aid coupon
-10x $1 coupons
-$15 Single Check Rebate
=FREE (10-cent profit, actually) after rebate

**Transaction #2
3x $6.49 Air Wick Freshmatic Starter Kit (these are stinky like Lysol. I wont use them @ home)
-3x $6 coupon
Cost =$1.47
3x $2.50 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers
-3x $2 coupon
Cost = $1.50
Wet Ones $1.99
-$1 coupon
-$1 Rebate
=FREE after rebate
6x Act II popcorn balls (3/$1 sale)
-2x $1 off 2 coupons
-$5 off $25 purchase Rite Aid coupon
PROFIT $2 after rebate

(*PLUS, I think I racked up over $50 credit toward the Fall Gift of Savings deal, which may earn me another $10 gift card all by itself! Will jump to $20 once I reach $100 buying diapers there next week!)

FIVE coupon inserts in today's paper!

If you clip coupons, and you didn't get a Sunday newspaper today, you're missing out.

The Boston Globe had FIVE inserts - two from Smartsource, two from Redplum, and one from General Mills. My local paper (less than half the price) had four of the inserts, which is rare.

Haven't thumbed through yet, but with all those coupons, it's bound to be worth buying several copies.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

End of a Season

My local CVS has all of their summer junk on 90% OFF clearance I loaded a cart with 20-cent party napkins, bubble soap, water balloons, beach balls, some inflatable water squirty thing, a pair of 80-cent croc-style flipflops, and a pantload of other sundries, and it only came to about 12 bucks. Add a bottle of ajax dish detergent (free after $1 printable coupon), a Lifelock home theft system CD (Free after extra bucks) and some clearance snacks to break $20 and use a $4 off coupon to boot!

Regular price for everything I got was probably close to $200. I paid $13 in Extra Care Bucks and about one buck in cash, with $3 ECB back.

Not sure if every CVS is doing 90% clearance, but it's worth a shot. They had some colorful plastic dinnerware as well. You could buy a whole set for picnics for a couple bucks.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Got 5 free pints of Starbucks, plus $$ back @ Walgreens

Yeah, so remember when Starbucks was giving away coupons for free pints of their ice cream a while back? They came in handy this week at Walgreens.
(There are also $2 off coupons from Sunday papers a month or more back and $1 printable coupons that are still available that you can use.)

Walgreens has Starbucks ice cream for $3 a pint, with a $5 reward that prints out when you buy $15 worth. I bought 5, used $12 in coupons, and got $5 back. Profit:$3, plus lots of ice cream.
Even just using the $1 printable coupon it works out to a buck a pint, which is really good unless you don't like coffee ice cream. Starbucks only makes coffee-based flavors.

Also got free Aquafresh toothpaste after rewards and a $2 coupon the Walgreens register printed out last week, Plus a free scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner, which was $6.99 after register rewards minus $7 printable coupon. We already have the motorized sprayer machine hanging in the shower, but it comes with two bottles of the refill PLUS a 4-pack of energizer batteries to run the machine. I feel bad trashing the sprayer part, but for free batteries and 2 refills, it was a good deal.

I also got a free Glade scented oil warmer with 2 bottles of the oil in it, after a coupon and register reward.

Because Walgreens only lets you use one coupon peritem, I had to pad my order with some non-free things in order to pay with last week's register rewards - so it wasn't entirely free. I need to figure out some cheap item that I actually will use that will work. When they had 9-cent school supplies this summer, they came in handy for that.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Free Photo Collage @ Walgreens

You can get a free 8 by 10 photo collage at photo (pick up in store) today and tomorrow using the coupon code FUNDAY. Just ordered mine. You can probably make a "collage" using just one photo if you want to print out an 8 by 10 to frame.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pantiliners are profitable...

Made $ at CVS buying girly things today. Again, not for me.

Today's purchase:

Two 99-cent CVS notebooks, with 99 cent Extra bucks back (net cost = $0.00) - 3 day sale ends Tuesday

Three 50-cent 10-packs of mechanical pencils (Net cost = $1.50)

Four packages Carefree pantiliners ($3.79 each with $3.79 extrabucks back)
-two $1 off 1 package coupons
-$1 off 2 packages coupons
Net = $3 PROFIT

Two packages of Kotex pantiliners, $1.49, buy one get one free
- two $0.75 coupons
Net = FREE (earn a penny)

PLUS, used a $4 off $20 purchase coupon - from easyfill coupon book in Pharmacy - just ask to get one for free.

Profit= ~$5.50

Going back tomorrow or Wednesday to cash in on the Mead 5-star Notebooks and a few other deals, once I get all the coupons printed out. - check out for all the details and links.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Free 8 by 10 scrapbook page and make $ on Softsoap body wash at Walgreens

Today's Walgreens photo deal is an 8 by 10 scrapbook page. They mark it down to 99 cents when you use SCRAPIT as a coupon code, but there's also another promotion running that takes a dollar off, making it FREE if you pick it up in store. You can use one of their colorful backgrounds or just print out one big 8 by 10 photo and call it a scrapbook page, which is what I did.

Walgreens is also running a deal this week on Softsoap body wash. It's $3.99 on sale, with a $4 register rewards printout. So, it's already free... I had printed out some $2 off coupons last month that hadn't expired yet, so I only paid $1.99 for each and still got the $4 rewards coupon. Wish I had more of those. I could only find three of them and don't think they're still printing out.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

20 Free photos at Walgreens today only


Use to print out 20 4 by 6 digital prints and use the code
20FREE4ME in the coupon line during checkout. Have them printed right out at your local Walgreens to avoid paying any shipping charge - totally free, but only today (Aug 20).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Free photo poster at Walgreens today

Use the coupon code FREEPOSTER to get a free 11 by 14 photo poster ($1.99 S&H) from the Walgreens Photo website today. They're doing a different deal every day this week.

Sunday was a free 8 by 10 print (free pickup in store)
Monday was 25 prints for a penny each (free pickup in store)
Tuesday - free poster print (must be mailed to you)

Weds - Saturday deals were not announced yet, but they give some hints as to what they will be on this website:
Looks like scrapbook pages on Friday and maybe photo albums on Saturday. Not sure what "bees" and "lunch" refer to the next two days... but we'll find out. In any case, looks like it may be time to think about early Christmas shopping!

You also get 25 digital prints FREE just for signing up for a new account at

I'm printing out this one:

Bring some kind of receipt or printout with you if you pick up these prints in the store. When my wife went to pick them up yesterday, the photo tech didn't know about the deal and refused to give her the free/1-cent prints we ordered unless she paid full price.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Free stuff at CVS - make $ on your purchase

MAKE A PROFIT at CVS this week with free stuff (after extra bucks)

There's a 3 day sale with bunch of free after extra bucks school supplies, plus Sobe Lifewater is free with a printable coupon (BOGO coupon plus BOGO sale = both free). Get details here:

Go to the CVS Pharmacy and ask for a Readyfill coupon book - it's got $4 off $20 purchase coupons in it

You can get:
2 pencil boxes
2 stacks of filler paper
2 mini notebooks
2 packs of Papermate pens
1 pair of headphones

all will print out the full price in extra care bucks on the receipt when you use your CVS card.

Plus if you have a Buy one Get one printable SoBe coupon, you get 2 bottles free. That puts your total over $20.

Get all the "free" stuff in one sale and use the $4 off $20 coupon to make a 4 dollar profit - you'll get $4 more in extra bucks than you spend.

The other way to do it is to do several small consecutive purchases and roll the extra bucks from one into the next one, so you pay less out of pocket and don't end up with buttloads of extra bucks with expiration dates. If you don't use the extra bucks before they expire, it's not much of a deal.

Also- if you have a Kmart Pharmacy near you, you can transfer 4 prescriptions there and make $25 each ($100) in Kmart gift cards. Think I'm going to make a trip to Nashua this coming week on my way to visit friends. I can just transfer the prescriptions back to my regular pharmacy the next month, or wherever else is offering a dea that month.

And if you shop at JC Penney and have a Mastercard, you can get an extra good deal on your back to school shopping with this $10 off a $25 purchase coupon... print a bunch and use on several purchases.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What I got Free and Cheap this week

I don't have all of my receipts in front of me, but here's the rundown of some of my free/cheap deals.

Printed $5 off $25 purchase from the CVS website, which I used.
PLUS they will give you a coupon book at the CVS pharmacy if you ask about autofill - it has $4 off $20 purchase coupons. Get one. Get several. They're good for 2 months!

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse $9.99
-$1 Revlon coupon
get $9.99 extra bucks (limit 1 per CVS card - 3 day sale ended on Tuesday)
=Earned a buck! (x2)
**Bethann and I each have a our own card for double the free-ness

Free CVS AA batteries with a free item coupon that printed out last purchase (~$4 value)
Free CVS mouthwash with a free item coupon that printed out last purchase (~$3 value)

Cashed in Rain Checks for free after extra bucks school supplies from previous weeks' deals:
-2 pair scissors
-2 packs pens
-2 packs post-its
-2 protractors
-2 boxes of pencils

$13 for 4 12-packs of Coke
-$3 extra bucks back
-$5 off $25 CVS coupon, when I bought the other "free" stuff with it.
=$5 spent on the whole mess of stuff


$5 off $50 coupon on the flier this week - you can print one from the Staples website's circular

Then get:

Free after the easy rebate (limit 1 of each):
-label maker ($15)
-electric pencil sharpener($10)
-pack of highlighters ($4)

Plus you can get two packs of printer paper for $4.99 - $3.99 rebate = $1

Plus six one-subject notebooks for a penny each!

That's $2.06 for $39.00 of stuff, after rebates.
I bought another $11 of sale stuff to go just over $50 and used the $5 coupon from the ad. Essentially, saved 50% off the sale price of the extra stuff, whisch was already marked down.
Staples has some good stuff in their clearance section sometimes, too - 90% off the regular price on occasion.
(you have to remember to do the rebate online - it's quick, though - and no stamp is needed.)


I made money at Shaw's this week. They have a great deal when you buy $25 in participating Kraft foods (including Digiorno Pizza and California Pizza kitchen, not just the Kraft brand)
Buy $25 worth BEFORE COUPONS and get a $5 printout to use at Shaw's on our next order, PLUS a form to mail in for a $20 cash rebate from Kraft. I had buy-1-get-1 coupons for crackers, so I bought $20 in crackers and a $6 pizza, which cost $15 after coupons.
After rebate = $10 profit!
I think this deal is running another week - and a new one is starting up tomorrow. Check the Wicked Cool Deals website for details.

Also, back during the Biggest Loser season they had a short window where you could sign up for a $5 coupon off any Jennie-O product. I found their turkey hams, the smallest of which was just over $5 - got it for pennies. I used another coupon over at Price Chopper to get a ginormous pack of turkey hot dogs free, which was on sale for $4.99.


Ecotrin is on sale for $1.99 - there are $2.25 printable coupons that make it free.

I think there is some toothpaste that spits out register rewards for the full price when you buy it. It was out of stock, and I didn't bother 'cause I'm up to my eyeballs in free or better than free toothpaste. Time to make another donation soon!

Rite Aid

There is a $5 off $25 printable coupon online somewhere, plus you can watch lots of video commercials on the Rite Aid website and get a $5 off $20 coupon that way.
I added this to all the rebate stuff I bought to make the deal even sweeter.

Scotch Pop-up tape dispenser = Free after $2.49 rebate
-$2 off coupon
=profit 2 bucks!

Profoot shoe insoles sale 3 for $15
- three $2 off coupons
- $10 rebate when you buy 3
=$1 profit

GE fluorescent bulbs sale 2/$5
- two $1 off coupons
-$2 rebate
=spend $1 to get 2 bulbs

Free Chocolate Friday coupon for a free candy bar

2 Kotex pantiliners (Not for me) sale $1
-2 $1 coupon

2 Carefree pantiliners (Again, Not for me) sale $1
-2 $1 coupon

Clear Eyes $.99
-$1 coupon

Used $5 off coupon to make the deal even better, and put the balance on one of the two FREE $25 gift cards we got for switching our prescriptions over to Rite Aid. So, pretty much earning more money off of the already-free gift cards, and the rebates turn it into cash.

I think that's all I got this week. Check for new sales starting on Sunday for more free stuff!

How to score deals

This summer has been pretty amazing for getting stuff free or almost free. I have been stocking up on school supplies, mostly. CVS had buttloads of free after extra bucks deals all through July - not as much this week, though. Staples has also had crazy free after rebate deals going on. I barely have time to get out and do all the shopping, much less blog about it.

So, I encourage you to check out what's there and score your own deals. If you want to do your own research, the main sites I use for my free stuff research are

Deal Seeking Mom has a very clear walkthrough of al the drugstore deals fro Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens, plus other random goodies she finds. Lots of links to printable coupons and Sunday paper coupons. She's out of the midwest, though, so the supermarket chains are different.

Wicked Cool Deals is out of New England and has local (for me) grocery deals, particularly Shaw's, which is where I shop. While Shaw's has mediocre prices on most things but pretty good sales,

PLUS Shaws has these things going for them:
-Take competitors' coupons - (like the $2 off a 12-pack of coke that Rite Aid put out this week!)
-DOUBLE coupons up to $0.99
-Send out weekly online store coupons
-Let you stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon for extra savings
-Put lots of Manager Discount stickers on their refrigerated items - like meat and prepared foods
-Have lots of deals and promotions that will print out store credits at the register for future shopping.
-Give 10 cents off per gallon at the pump for every hundred you spend there.

I have these websites on my browser tabs all the time - they are updated with new deals several times a day, as blogging is these ladies' full-time job.

I also recommend buying the Sunday paper every week to get the coupon inserts. I usually buy several copies, because some o the free stuff deals require a stack of the same coupon. You can also just buy the inserts or coupons online for a few cents a coupon. That's lots of work, though.

Printable coupons usually limit you to 2 prints per computer(hit "back" a couple times to print again), but if you have access to multiple computers you can score a bunch of them. Each print has a unique code, so if you just photocopy them I think the store doesn't get reimbursed by the manufacturer.

Another great coupon source is All You magazine, found only at the evil WalMart (ugh) or by subscription. It's like $2.50(?) an issue in the store, but you can get a 2-year subscription for less than a buck an issue from some websites. There is a coupon on every other page, pretty much, and often there is one coupon for a product that is just totally free. This month I think it's free beef jerky. One month it was nail polish... random stuff. Good coupon source, though. It pays for itself several times over, even if you don't use half the coupons in it.

For more targeted drug store deals, you may want to check out the following three:
Check it out!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

What's my deal today?

Just got back from a shopping trip with Lari. As always, wen shopping with a 14-month-old, I could hardly focus on what I was doing while trying to keep her pacified/entertained. So, I probably missed out on a bunch of deals I could have gotten.
These are some of the best deals I got today. I won't list everything, because I bought some things (milk, baby food, eggs, juice) that were on sale but not great bargains. I think I still saved about 80% off the regular cost of my purchases today, even with the necessities thrown in.
Being the last day of the month, I had scads of good coupons expiring today, including six coupons for a FREE roll of Marcal toilet paper... only I couldn't find a store that sold it!

Here's what I snagged today:

Got some decent deals at Shaws today, too!
8 Boxes of Quaker Chewy Granola bars (Reg $3.19 each)
Sale price $1.49
Used four $1 off 2 coupons
Value: $25.52
Out of Pocket: $7.92
Saved: $17.60

Bought 2 Hebrew National Beef Franks - reg $5.99
Sale: $2.99 each
Used two $1 off store coupons
Total Value: 11.98
Out of Pocket: $3.98
Savings: $8

Bought 4 Kashi GoLean cereal reg $3.99 each
Sale 2/$6
Used 4 $1 off Shaws store coupons
Used two $1.50 off 2 boxes manufacturer coupons
Total Value $15.96
Out of Pocket $5
Saved $10.96

Bought 6 Bertolli frozen oven bake dinners (tasty!) Reg price $8.49 each
Sale price $6.99 ea
Used six $2 off coupons
Total value $50.94
Out of pocket $29.94
Saved: $21.00 - not an amazing deal, but it's an easy and tasty home-cooked meal for two for just $5!

Bought 6 Oscar Meyer deli select sandwiches (Lunchables for grownups) - Reg $4.99 ea
Sale price $2.99
These 6 each had a $1 off manager special coupon
I used six $1.50 off coupons I got in the office at my work
Total value: $29.94
Out of Pocket: $2.96 <- this is the cost of my lunches for ONE WEEK! Savings: $27.00 Bought 3 Breyers YoCrunch 4-pack yogurt reg $3.49 Sale $2.50 each Used three $0.75 coupons, which Shaws doubles Total value: $10.47 Out of Pocket: $3 Savings: $7.47 **Wal-mart** note: I don't like to shop at Walmart, but since I didn't give them money it was justified. 2 Free Rimmel "Sexy Curves" Mascara ($6.47 each), with coupons from All You Magazine (April, I think) that were expiring today. The mascara was for Bethann, not for me. Value $12.94 Spent: $0 Saved: $12.94

Deals: Pretty much nothing!
It's a lousy week for CVS deals after a killer Memorial Day weekend sale there. I just used some Extra care bucks to buy 3 copies of the Sunday paper (for the coupons) and 3 Now& Later candy packages, which was $0.22 each at 75% clearance, to make it up to the $5 value of the extra bucks. (They don't give you change for them)

Bic Soleil Razors (again, not for me!) sale price $4.99
Get $1 register reward back.
Used $3 coupon
Used another coupon for a FREE 4-pack of refill heads for Soleil razors ($7.49 value)
I Did this 4 times in 4 transactions (I had 4 sets of the coupons!)

Total Value $49.92
Spent out of pocket $7.96
Got $4 register rewards back
Total cost $3.96
Saved $45.96

Tresemme shampoo sale 3/$12
Used three $1 off coupons
Out of Pocket - $9
Got $5 Register Rewards back
Total cost to me: $4 ($1.33 per bottle)
Saved: $8

Bought 4 packages of Dentek floss picks - $2.99, buy 1 get 1 free
Total value $11.96
Used 4 $1 off coupons
Got 2 free
Out of pocket: $1.98
Saved $9.98

I also happened across 12-packs of Charmin toilet paper marked down from $9.99 to $2.59 on clearance. I only had a coupon for $1 off 2 packages, and it was the last one on the shelf. Still, it was almost 75% off!
Value: $9.99
Out of Pocket $2.59
Savings: $7.40

That's all I got there. A few other deals I might go back for this week, though - especially the Ecotrin, which is a $2 Money maker! (I just couldn't find the coupons today): has these other deals listed at Walgreens:

Ecotrin, $2
Get $2 RRs

$2.25/1 Ecotrin printable
$2/1 Ecotrin printable
$2/1 Ecotrin, exp. 8-31-09 (SS 5/17/09)
Better than FREE after coupon and RRs!

Kerasal One Step Exfoliating Moisturizer Therapy, $7.99
Get $5 RRs

$1/1 Kerasal printable
$1.99 after coupon and RRs!
*Bonus – Free Moisture-Enhancing Socks Offer (with 2 proofs of purchase)

Aquafresh Toothpaste, $0.99 (w/ in-ad coupon)

$1/1 Aquafresh printable FREE after coupon!

Natures Bounty Products, psa $3.59 (BOGO)
$1/1 Natures Bounty printable (IE) or printable (FF)
As low as $0.80 ea. after coupons!