Thursday, September 10, 2009

End of a Season

My local CVS has all of their summer junk on 90% OFF clearance I loaded a cart with 20-cent party napkins, bubble soap, water balloons, beach balls, some inflatable water squirty thing, a pair of 80-cent croc-style flipflops, and a pantload of other sundries, and it only came to about 12 bucks. Add a bottle of ajax dish detergent (free after $1 printable coupon), a Lifelock home theft system CD (Free after extra bucks) and some clearance snacks to break $20 and use a $4 off coupon to boot!

Regular price for everything I got was probably close to $200. I paid $13 in Extra Care Bucks and about one buck in cash, with $3 ECB back.

Not sure if every CVS is doing 90% clearance, but it's worth a shot. They had some colorful plastic dinnerware as well. You could buy a whole set for picnics for a couple bucks.

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