Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Got 5 free pints of Starbucks, plus $$ back @ Walgreens

Yeah, so remember when Starbucks was giving away coupons for free pints of their ice cream a while back? They came in handy this week at Walgreens.
(There are also $2 off coupons from Sunday papers a month or more back and $1 printable coupons that are still available that you can use.)

Walgreens has Starbucks ice cream for $3 a pint, with a $5 reward that prints out when you buy $15 worth. I bought 5, used $12 in coupons, and got $5 back. Profit:$3, plus lots of ice cream.
Even just using the $1 printable coupon it works out to a buck a pint, which is really good unless you don't like coffee ice cream. Starbucks only makes coffee-based flavors.

Also got free Aquafresh toothpaste after rewards and a $2 coupon the Walgreens register printed out last week, Plus a free scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner, which was $6.99 after register rewards minus $7 printable coupon. We already have the motorized sprayer machine hanging in the shower, but it comes with two bottles of the refill PLUS a 4-pack of energizer batteries to run the machine. I feel bad trashing the sprayer part, but for free batteries and 2 refills, it was a good deal.

I also got a free Glade scented oil warmer with 2 bottles of the oil in it, after a coupon and register reward.

Because Walgreens only lets you use one coupon peritem, I had to pad my order with some non-free things in order to pay with last week's register rewards - so it wasn't entirely free. I need to figure out some cheap item that I actually will use that will work. When they had 9-cent school supplies this summer, they came in handy for that.

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