Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saved ~80% by Rolling Catalina Deals at Shaws

Tonight was a pretty exciting shopping night at Shaws. After missing out on Sunday newspapers for several weeks recently, I bought some coupon inserts online just for this deal. I've never bought them online before - they just arrived in the mail today.
I cut out all of the good Big G coupons and headed to Shaws twice tonight.

There's a Catalina deal running through 10/22 on certain Big G products. If you buy $25 worth of those products, a $10 coupon prints out that you can use on your next purchase. I went at night, when the store was dead and I could hog the registers, and I did ten transactions back to back each time, using the coupon from one to pay for the next one.

The great thing about catalina deals is they usually go by the regular (Pre-sale) price to generate the coupon that prints out. Since most of the items were on sale for (on average) about 20% off - you only had to spend about $20 to get the $10 coupon.
Armed with a ream of duplicate coupons for those sale items, I got an additional chunk off. The other great thing about Shaws is that they double coupons up to 99 cents... so I used all the "50 cents off 1" coupons before going for the "$1 off 2" versions. I don't know the exact total, but the regular price of everything I brought home was probably around $520 and I spent $31 the first trip and about $45 the second trip, plus have an unused $10 coupon from the 20th transaction. I may go back tomorrow for one or two more transactions, but I'm mostly done.

So here's what I got for my $65:

20 cans of Progresso soup
16 Microwaveable tubs of Progresso soup
40 bags of Chex Mix (8 oz) -all different flavors
15 Betty Crocker Warming Delights Brownie Bowls
10 Pouches of Betty Crocker cookie mix
26 Bags of Green Giant Steamer frozen vegetables
21 Boxes of Pilsbury Savorings frozen pastries
4 six-packs of Yo Kids yogurt
2 Pilsbury pie crusts
12 boxes Nature Valley Granola bars
9 Fruit Gushers snacks (Printed out an ADDITIONAL $3.50 coupon with the $10)
6 Pillsbury refrigerated ready-bake cookie dough (Printed out ADDITIONAL $4 coupon)

Somehow, we got all the frozen stuff into the little freezer. Removing boxes from things that are bagged inside helped a lot. That, along with removing a turkey that we're going to cook this weekend.

There's a new $5/$15 catalina deal on some Heinz products (Weight Watchers, Ore Ida, etc) starting Friday. Some details over at Wicked Cool Deals if you're interested.

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