Monday, November 9, 2009

Shaws pays me to take groceries, again!

Finished round 1 of the Shaws catalina deals this week. Buy $30 worth (pre-sale price) and get $15 back in Shaws credit. Even better- they break it into three $5 coupons for you!

I made six catalina transactions of just over $30 each, spending a total of $25.22 out of pocket and walking out with $40.00 in left-over coupons.
That's a $14.78 PROFIT, plus around $190 in free groceries. I probably could have switched items between orders to bring the pre-sale totals a little closer to $30 and also put the lowest out-of pocket order first, since I had no reward coupons to use on that one and had to pay cash. But frankly, that would be too much math and I still made a profit. As long as the sale price minus coupons brought the total below $15 for each transaction and still hit the $30 pre-sale total, I knew I made a profit on each one.

No photo of this one, but here's what I got:

6 Breyers Ice Cream
5 Yoplait delights yogurt packs
13 Progresso broth
2 Betty Crocker frosting
8 Cookie mix pouches
14 Boxes of cereal (Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Golden Grahams)
6 Boxes Kleenex
10 Toaster Streudel
1 Pillsbury Savorings

Not a bad trip. Will make at least one more haul to get crescent rolls, more Savorings, Flour, and some other good stuff.

They were out of stock on the best deal - single rolls of Scott paper towel were marked down more than 50% in the sale. Sale price is 99 cents. Regular price was like $2.29, maybe. Even without a coupon, this would be a money maker. Buy 13 or 14 rolls (however many it takes to get over $30 - bring a calculator or be a math nerd) - spend under $15 before coupons and get $15 back. Hopefully they will replenish stock at one of the two stores near me before Thursday!

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