Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What would you do for 12 free Klondike bars?

Made out with a $5.55 on a quick trip to Shaw's
Spent $9.45 out of pocket and gained $15 in Shaw's credit.

Brought home FREE:
1 Progresso Broth
2 cookie mix pouches
3 boxed sweet potato
4 boxes of Cheerios
4 packages of Klondike Bars
3 boxes Pilsbury Savorings
4 boxes brownie mix
1 jar of cake frosting
1 sack flour

All the coupons I used today were PRINTABLE from the internet. Thursday is the last day of the sale - print out your own coupons and get yourself some deals! Details at Wicked Cool Deals: There are links to a bunch of coupons right on the page.

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